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Looking to increase your number of hires but your HR team has reached capacity, or simply need a new solution to hiring great talent?

Our Outsourced Agency package can help you meet hiring requirements as your virtual internal talent team.

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How does it work?

At FARM we curate a team of individuals who will meet your talent hire objectives by handling the day-to-day, time-consuming hiring processes and provide a long-term talent resource.

From the initial talent search to candidate interviews, we have it covered.

This blended solution with a dedicated account manager, delivers expertise from an outside talent agency that are aligned to your internal team, embodying your company values, to create a reliable talent hire ecosystem.

By directly working with your HR department acting as an extension of your team, or as your in-house hiring team if you don't have a HR infrastructure, FARM help you manage specific tasks, projects and customer operations, helping you optimise the scale-up process.


Great news, the Outsourced Agency package is the ideal solution for companies of all sizes wanting to scale-up and reach the next funding bracket.

From fledgling start-ups, to high-geared scale-ups, the Outsourced Agency package help companies hit their business objectives through hire targets.

Since all tasks are handled virtually, in a world where more companies are engaging in a work from home culture, the Outsourced Agency package is a sustainable hiring solution for not only companies with no set office space, but those in multiple time zones.

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With local and international connections, FARM ensure your hiring aims aren’t geographically limited. From expanding your European division to starting a US based venture, we design specific, strategic hiring roadmaps that are aligned to your company objectives.

WHAT DOES THE Outsourced Agency INCLUDE?

With the Outsourced Agency, you will experience all the benefits our entire FARM infrastructure has to offer with our Intelligence Team, as we encompass all of our exclusive services into one comprehensive package, giving you a universal talent resource.

Not only will you get a dedicated Talent Partner to oversee your hiring objectives, we also ensure that your company is marketed as the employer of choice across our local and global networks.

Other features include: 

  • End-end hiring handled by FARM: CV screening, video interviews, delivery management and candidate on-boarding
  • Market mapping and competitor insights
  • Social Media engagement across all FARM platforms
  • Monthly advisory services
  • Dedicated virtual Talent Team
  • Available as a full or part-time model
  • Fixed monthly cost
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Outsourced Agency COSTS

Developed for the cost conscious, our packages are a subscription-based model that provides long-term clarity on what your outgoings will be by using our Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) principles

With a set cost per month based on the number of hires and salary requirements over a fixed 12-month period, you have greater control over your cashflow compared to traditional hiring models, crucial for any business (plus it keeps your Finance Team happy).

We offer solutions based on a set number of hires in the below brackets:

  • 0-5 is a single project or RaaS
  • 5 - 10 hires
  • 11 - 20 hires
  • 21 - 30hires
  • 30+ hires

Costs are based on a percentage of the salary average you are looking to hire. The percentage decreases as the number of hires increases.

For example, if you are looking to hire 5 - 8 candidates with an average salary of £60k, you would pay £6k per month as a fixed cost.

Exact pricing sheet based on individual requirements provided during enquiry.
With an initial fixed 12 monthly contract including guaranteed replacements during the contract period, going over budget is a thing of the past!

Why choose Outsourced agency


End-to-end design and delivery of all talent operations

global TALENT

Don't let location limit your talent search with our extensive international connections

economical agility

A subscription based cost model with clear monthly costs with no hidden extras


Developed talent strategy including hiring plan and employer value proposition


Full or part-time model available to support your growth


Expertise from an outside talent agency that are aligned to your internal team, embodying your company values, to create a reliable talent hire ecosystem

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