Recruitment as a Service (RaaS)

The RaaS model is the ideal recruitment solution for any company looking to scale-up.

As the economy changes, you need to react fast. Which is why the RaaS model is an effective way of growing your business through specific talent hires.

By being able to reactively adjust your hiring requirements, without the rigidity of a fixed plan, you have greater control and economical agility compared to the traditional way of hiring individuals. With increased flexibility to make changes to your hiring strategy, you can update required roles and profiles to react to the current climate and your GTM.

Everyone hates hidden costs, including us. That's why our RaaS package is based on a clear monthly price. Think of it as a Netflix subscription for your brand.

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Cost calculator

If you have an idea of your hiring forecast and you know your current agency utilisation then have a play with our calculator.


Comparing hiring strategies
Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) is a flexible approach to hiring.

Reactive model allowing you to adjust quickly to meet market needs.

All encompassing package with ability to change roles and profiles to react to the economic climate and GTM.

Subscription 'pay as you go' based payment system. Clear costs with no hidden extras.
The traditional model of hiring is a role specific approach to hiring.

Rigid model means reacting to market needs is harder

Set package with set in stone roles and profiles.

Set management amount but potential to incur more costs as requirements change.
RaaS productivity of new hires over 12 months
RaaS Vs Traditional cost based on same hire trends
Our Hiring Process
Research & collaboration
Initial screening
TIF interview
Candidate short listed
Client interview
Offer & completion

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