Unprecedented demand in their technology meant FARM had to work fast to hire those with experience in the medical tech industry.

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Automata is a Series A robotics company vendor of Intelligent BioTech and MedTech solutions combining AI, RPA & machine learning capabilities for business process automation. Combining hardware, software and a service, Automata creates personalised solutions using 3rd party instruments and our own proprietary technology.

Automated processes. Smarter lab outcomes. Reduce manual steps and increase your lab’s throughput. Automata is your partner at every stage of your lab automation journey. - Automata


2020 highlighted to the world how important accurate, reliable and crucially, fast testing is. With Automata's vision being to deliver uncompromising medical results using their technology, their demand grew virtually overnight. As fantastic as that was, they need to expand their team to cope with this interest.


After entering a period of hyper growth, FARM worked with Automata to help find ideal candidates to assist the development of their company.


Working as an extension of their internal HR team, FARM assisted with the hiring of individuals within the Sales, Pre-Sales and Marketing teams.

"FARM did an amazing job had handling our hiring needs. Delivering talent in an efficiently and professionally helping us ensure our company meets our business objectives."

Doug Rich, Head of Revenue - Automata