Winter Olympics technology

In 2021, we saw how the Japanese used technology within the Summer Olympics, now it is the turn of the Winter Olympics

From drones that lit up the sky during the opening ceremony, to real-time tracking, tech helped viewers around the world experience a dynamic games.

Now, as the Winter Olympics kicks off in Beijing, with a more COVID prevention stance taken, what can we expect to see?


Much like in Tokyo 2020, the Winter Olympics will be assisted by A.I robotics. Primarily used within the athlete village, these robots have been programmed to help with the care of the athletes. From manning the cafeteria to cleaning the hotel rooms, these robots are helping to minimise the interaction between volunteers and the athletes.

With Beijing 2022 sticking to a close-looped system which means that the sites of the Olympics are treated as if they are their own cities, with checkpoints and restrictions in place. This is to help isolate any cases that may occur stay away from the mass population of the rest of Beijing.

This coupled with the My 2022 app which tracks daily tests results shows how using regular data can minimise the impact of any potential COVID outbreaks.

Beds that are made for collecting data

In contrast to the Tokyo 2020 cardboard beds, the beds the athletes of Tokyo 2022 sleep on are designed to collect keep health data. They are equipped to message heart rate and respiratory rate of the individual sleeping, with real-time data being fed to any relevant coaches. It is these changes that can be early indicator for issues to come.

Images courtesy of Unsplash