Why you should hire graduates

You should consider that investing in graduates is a positive move towards growing your company.

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Graduate schemes can have a certain taboo about them. While some companies may use them to fill a role at a reduced rate, you should consider that investing in graduates is a positive move towards growing your company.

Exposed to the most current practices

While graduates might lack the experience of a candidate who has been in the industry for years, being fresh out of education gives them a specific advantage. Having practiced the latest requirements first-hand, whether this be how to use the latest software to knowing how GDPR compliance works, they can offer an insight into specificities of the industry that may have been overlooked.

Given that our brain can only retain so much information, they may also draw upon conclusions and outcomes of recently applied practices more efficiently than their older counterparts. Which is a beneficial trait when ensuring your company keeps with the times as technology inevitable progresses.

Fresh perspective

While you may be cautious about trusting a young mind, you have to consider that they are more well versed that you think. Since they haven’t been influenced by previous experiences of the industry and the rigidity in the way it functions, they could offer ideas that are more than just outside the box.


Embodying your values

Given that these candidates have yet to experience the working world, you have the ability to shape them to suit your company values. By using a graduate, the task at nurturing preferred practices is easier due to their wiliness to learn.

Future potential

Your leadership team isn’t getting any younger, which means graduates are the bloodline of any thriving company. By nurturing early on, you can ensure that when your current leaders decide to retire, you already have a host of qualified individuals poised to take over, saving you the agro of not only hiring externally, but having to re-teach a role that can be easily filled.

Incentivised to succeed

A graduate applying to programmes has one ulterior motive: to succeed. Therefore, it is worth considering that if a candidate does show potential, to reward them by solidifying them within the permanent team.

Most grad schemes work by putting the successfully applicants on a twelve-month temporary contract, in which after the twelve months are up, the graduate’s performance is then reviewed. If you make it clear from the outset that there is potential to move up, you are more likely to distinguish future success from those who are just there to pad out their CV.

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