Why start-ups should invest in long-term talent

Building a talent pipeline is paramount for every business however, why should start-ups have a long-term talent plan?

Build from the ground up

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While as a start-up you will have a handful of if not an extended circle of colleagues you trust, relying on these individuals isn’t a viable long-term solution.  Eventually as the demand for your services or the need to focus on GTM increases, these current resources will become over stretched and subsequently not provide the best performance.

By thinking one step ahead as minimum will ensure that you don’t reach any resources emergencies in the future such as a non-linear growth pattern or errors.

Consider what you need for the future

Break your company goals down into 6 months, 1 year, 3 year and 5 year plus; establish what they are and what you need to get there.

These blocks in time will help you better organise potential outcomes and plan for them. From hiring an accountant to handle daily finance tasks to more account execs to build you client base, by identifying and implementing actions to fix these requirements before they happen will keep your business growing.

Talent Mapping

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Talent mapping is also another useful way at ensuring your company’s grow through specific talent processes.

Talent mapping is the process in which retention through career pathing, alongside careful analysis of individual strengths, are categorised, assigning particular skillsets to specific job as a way of planning.

By building out a map of the company’s future goals, you can more easily see what areas you wish to capitalise on and subsequently, what skillsets you require.

By planning for the future, it ensures that you don’t fall behind your competitors who may also be planning to expand in the same way, or rush to hire talent that won’t be beneficial further down the line.

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