What will 2023 look like?

2022 was the year of flipping traditional working on it’s head. But what are we thinking for 2023?

Here are our predictions:

Increase of 4-day working week

With the success of the 2022 study, employees have shown they can increase productivity and job satisfaction with the incentive to have an extra paid day off a week.

Task rather than time focused

Quiet quitting was a term thrown around in which employees were seen to be doing the bare minimum. However, upon reflection, many were doing what they were contracted to rather than, consistently do extra without recognition.

Therefore, we might see more companies adopt a task focused contract. Whereby tasks are estimated on the hours taken rather than actual hours.

Time becoming more valuable than salary

If 2020 taught us anything is that time is more important than we realised. This could mean more employees asking for flexible hours or working remotely.

Parents asking for better parental leave

In particular the request for fathers to get increased paternity cover

What do you think of our predictions? Is there anything you think we have missed?

Image courtesy of Unsplash