What is the Great Resignation?

In November 2021 an unprecedented number of employees quit their jobs. Something that we could say was inevitable. But why is this?

During 2020, many, if not all of us strove to keep the employment we had. In normal times, we would have been freer to look elsewhere or consider the idea of changing employer. However, this freedom wasn’t that prevalent during the height of the pandemic, in which many individuals sadly lost their jobs due to budget cuts.

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So why now?

As we see the world begin to return to a level of normalcy, with businesses becoming more relaxed when it comes to fear of the future, the job market is starting to become more saturated with jobs.

There are a number of reasons why employees are quitting, but how can you as an employer help keep your talent?

Better opportunities

The last 12 months has allowed them to evaluate what they want. Especially if they have been in the role for some time.

As an employer it is good to speak to the individual and evaluate what it is they are after. Is it a different challenge that could mean an internal job switch?

More money

While salaries may have been capped in 2020, employers are now finding that they have the ability to negotiate more when it comes to their income.

More Flexibility

While many companies have adopted flexible hours or location, some have returned to pre-pandemic ways, which might no longer suit individuals. When a job can be done successfully remotely, without the hassle of a commute individuals may look for employers that offer this. Thusly giving them a better work-life balance.


Simply, due to excessive deadlines, pressures or reduced support due to hiring gaps, employees may choose to resign due to burnout. In these situations, it is best to assess what can be done to help to retain the talent than lose it.