What is STEM and why you should know about it.

On Friday 11th February, the world celebrated Women in Science day, honouring all the women in science. 

However, have you heard of the term STEM? If not, here is all you need to know and why you should know about it.

·     STEM is an acronym: science, technology, engineering and math.

·     In 2017 only 33% of students in STEM were female

·     3% of STEM CEOs are female

Why is it important to get women in STEM careers?

STEM roles have always been predominately male dominated. This is something that could be attributed to the longer hours of study required where women were traditionally less like to further their studies due to family commitments. There has also been a societal stereotype that women should sway more to communicative and creative roles, rather than logical and more intellectually demanding roles.

However, with greater accessibility to education and more women in STEM advocating to the future generations, these numbers are on the rise.

How can we get more women into STEM?

By educating women on the joys of STEM at an early age we can work to ensure that the bias that STEM is a man’s domain is forgotten.

We also need to make sure that we are highlighting the achievements of women already in STEM, giving younger generations role models to look up to.

·     Professor Sarah Gilbert designed the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine

·     Katherine Johnson, an African American NASA Space Scientist who with Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson created the calculations for John Glenn’s 1962 mission into space

·     Admiral Grace Hopper, of the first programmers of the Harvard Mark I computer

·     Joan Clarke, who was part of Alan Turing’s code breaker team at Bletchley Park during World War II

Why you should consider a STEM job

·     STEM jobs are forever changing in the way we learn about the world around us. Meaning the job is forever adapting

·     At the front of cutting edge. From vaccine development and medical advances, to anthropical discoveries, those STEM careers are the first to know

·     Higher salary, due to the academic knowledge required, these job are likely to pay well due to needing a non-negotiable skill set

Images courtesy of Unsplash