What is Life Science?

Life Science is seen as an advanced form of Biology.

That while we may study Biology at school level, the subject matters that Biology encompass are studied in more depth with greater application.

Difference between Biology and Life Science

Biology is the broad study of life and living organism whereas Life Science is more applied science to these areas. Where Biology touches on different aspects of life such as Botany and Zoology, Life Science works on a more niche basis such as studies of immunology where the science studied is at a molecular level.

Why is this study important?

Life Science is becoming ever more important especially as our society learns to live with COVID-19. The reason for this is because Life Science help us understand the way in which diseases operate and their breeding processes. Of course, Life Science isn’t limited to this, but the study of these foreign organisms is a crucial part of this science. Life Science also focuses on studying organisms at a cellular level allowing us to understand how as humans we came to be.

Applications of Human Life

From understanding the mechanics, a specific cell function to cell adaptation, these are just a few examples of how the study of Life Sciences help us. This means that we can uncover how organisms develop, interact and grow, as well as treatments.

Images courtesy of Unsplash