VC funding reaches all time high

In July 2021 it has been reported that VC investments reached a high of $9.5 billion. 

This record high was the based on the combination of Private Equity and Venture Capitalists investing is sectors such as e-commerce which isn’t surprising given the uptake of e-commerce sales since 2020 and the continued connivence of these services.

The figures from July are record high by 77% in fact compared to the $5.4 billion invested which nearly 20 large deals in excess of $100 million being agreed in particular in the pure-play and infrastructure.

This US record high was also followed by the Spanish VC investments which were 27% more compared to the previous year, showing real promise for Spain’s economy following a dramatic hit during the first wave of the pandemic with 731 million Euros invested across 316 deals.

Images courtesy of Unsplash