Unsure why you should hire fresh talent?

Saving overhead costs is the main reason you aren’t looking to hire however...

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Saving overhead costs is the main reason you aren’t looking to hire however, is a hiring freeze, really the best way of investing in your company?

Understand and plan for future needs

Sure, saving money may not hiring that individual may save you capital in the short-term, but what about the long-term? Hiring a talented individual could make the difference between improving your KPI results, landing a new deal or increasing your ROI and plateauing.

Of course, the downside of this that you may be required to spend time training the individual, but if you view them as an investment, investing your time to grow their knowledge base, can only improve your outcomes.

Identify and cultivate high-potential employees

Realising potential is easier said than done. Sometimes it is about taking a step back and understand an individual’s skillset and, in some cases, changing their role. For example, an individual who struggles at GTM presenting but has an eye for data analytics may offer greater insight towards your KPIs in the long run.

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Pipeline for high performers

Simply put, good talent is everything. If you are able to find an employee who matches your values and excels you need to reward them. It’s basic social economics.

We have all heard of individuals who jump ship because they don’t feel valued or that they don’t believe that there is a clear path for progression. In these cases that it is crucial to ensure transparency when it comes to development. Afterall your SDRs could become part of your leadership team in years to come.

Don’t forget that a high performer might not necessarily be the those that hit targets straight away. Significantly, you are looking for individuals with tenacity and the drive to achieve. It may be the case that these individuals have unrealised potential, that once tapped into could be exponential.

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