The fitness tech that is giving us (a healthy) life!

Fitness tech is forever growing and we can't get enough of it!

With an industry worth over $24 billion, the Fitness Tech industry is expanding every year, as more and more people invest in themselves by investing in tech that tells them more.

Below are a few of our favourite fitness tech products:


Group 342
Image courtesy of NURVV

Launched in 2015, NURVV is a clever insole that can comfortably fit into the sole of a running shoe. By tracking how the user’s feet hit the ground and time covered, NURVV provides information on training load and overall performance, helping to better inform the runner on how their training is impacting their body. The goal is to help injury prevention.


32 data collecting sensors

Metrics measured 1000 times per second via GPS

Monitors foot strike, pronation and cadence


Image courtesy of WHOOP

This wearable tech is hitting the industry by storm. Compared to other wearables on the market, this doesn’t track exercise metrics undertaken by the user but instead, uses real-time health data to give analysis on the body, the strain it is suffering and optimal recovery.

Worn by a host of elite athletes, it enables users to take the guesswork out understanding their body, knowing when to push on and when to drop back.

We saw this real-time data in action during the WHOOP Wanamaker Mile event, in which Josette Norris’ heart rate was shown during the duration of the race from her WHOOP band.


Monitors skin temperature, blood oxygen and heart rate

Skin deep data analysis


Lumen device
Image courtesy of Lumen

Unlock your metabolism. This handheld, easily portable device, allows uses to see what type of fuel their body is burning, all with a single breath. While their website does suggest that Lumen is a good weight loss tool, due to you knowing what to eat and when based on your own body, it is also great at helping monitor blood sugar levels and understanding how best to fuel your body.


Tells end user what fuel source is being used

Doctor founded