Rise of telemedicine

Propelled by the Covid-19 pandemic virtual medical consultations have increased in popularity.

Virtual is becoming the new in-person solution. Propelled by the Covid-19 pandemic virtual medical consultations have increased in popularity and continue to be a preferred choice for most. But why is this?


person wearing lavatory gown with green stethoscope on neck using phone while standing

For those with busy schedules, being able to connect with a health provider on your terms is ideal. From removing the time spent in a waiting room and the journey to the doctor’s office this reduces other elements of stress from the equation.

The ability to communicate with a professional quickly and easily, also means that individuals who might not necessarily require an in-person appointment but seek direct advice can do so without taking up appointment time that could be better used.

Telemedicine also opens a gateway to those who suffer from conditions that may make it harder to visit a clinic. By being able to receive medical advice from their own home can not only be reassuring but the best solution rather than referring to Dr Google.

Contamination reduction

With the reduction of the number of in-person patients the health practitioner sees, it means the risk of transmitting germs and other bugs is drastically reduced, something that is much need for those more vulnerable.


However, virtual consultation isn’t the holy grail of medical advice. While it solves many areas between patient and consultation communication it can only go so far. Answering immediate questions, providing advice and supply medication is its primary function however, it will never replace the need for emergency medicine.

However, what can be said for the rise in telemedicine is that it is a much-needed resource for medical professionals to provide the best possible care.

Images courtesy of Unsplash