Recruit with FARM

The FARM hiring strategy.

At FARM, we pride ourselves on being one of London’s top recruitment agencies specialising in tech, automation and SaaS hiring. We know how to find the people that can make your business grow, who will click with your culture and hit those deliverables.

So how do we do it?

With decades of industry experience, we SPEND our time finding you the talent you have been looking for:

Specify – As a client, we take time to understand your requirements and create a list of specifications for that ideal individual or deliverables for your long-term business goal.

Process – Taking all of the data based on your needs, we use AI technology to search our databases to see if firstly existing candidate profile meet your needs.

Explore – We submit job application to our wider network and explore potential candidates, contacting those who we believe would be a perfect fit.

Nurture – After narrowing down the list of candidates, we start the process of getting to know them off of paper and decide if they encapsulate everything you are looking for.

Deliver – We deliver candidates whom we believe are the best match for your vision for your review.

Images courtesy of Unsplash