New clues found cancer research

In the last few days UK scientists have announced one of the biggest breakthroughs when it comes to the diagnosis of Cancer.

Further to analysing genome sequences of around 12,000 patients, UK scientist have commented on finding new patterns that could signal as a precursor to an individual having cancer.

As Smitha Mundasad writes on behalf of the BBC:

‘Cancer can be thought of as a corrupted version of our own healthy cells - mutations to our DNA change our cells until eventually they grow and divide uncontrollably.  Traditionally many cancers have been categorised by doctors based on where they are in the body and the type of cells involved - but whole genome sequencing can provide another layer of key information.’

It is this extra level of detail uncovered by scientists that noteworthy. That rather than looking at smaller segments of DNA that correspond to Cancer, taking a wider view on our DNA can be more useful when it comes to analysis how Cancer starts, focusing on so called ‘mutational signals’.

What these mutational signals can do is help researching determine if any environmental factors have played a part in these instances, outside of pre-determined genetics.

Images courtesy of Unsplash