Key to hiring

So, you have an opening and you need to hire. 

These are our top tips when it comes to making sure you don’t forgo any potentially fantastic candidates:

Look at more than on paper

Someone who looks great on paper might not be as magical when you see them in person.

TIP: A well-rounded CV that includes more than work accolades, but hobbies and interests can be an indicator that the candidate has good interpersonal skills.

Don’t be over particular

While we understand the need for certain qualification and industry knowledge, a candidate’s work ethic isn’t something that can be easily conveyed on a CV.

TIP: Asking for someone with a niche degree can put ideal talent off applying. Why not ask for those who have a degree in that area or similar. For example, rather than just accountancy, include maths or data management.

Be open to worldwide or cross continent locations

With flexible and remote working becoming the employee norm, you can afford to expand your talent pool. But not having to hire with a certain radius of your office, you are increasingly likely to find that candidate that bit easier.

TIP: Advertise core contact hours. For example, being available between 11am and 3pm GMT.

Experience time isn’t always necessary

We often find that a need for a certain time length of experience isn’t always necessary.

Of course, your candidate needs to have experience in the industry but putting a specific number, in particular over 5 years can limit your search.

TIP: Try asking for a smaller length of experience (2 years) initially to gain a greater pool of results.

Images courtesy of Unsplash