Is it time for a career change?

As restrictions ease and after an inevitable hiring freeze, more individuals are seeking new job opportunities.

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Throughout the Pandemic, employees have experienced the highs and lows of their career. From sadly losing employment or being put on furlough, to counting each day as a blessing for remaining employed, having a job was a blessing.

However, as restrictions ease and after an inevitable hiring freeze, more individuals are seeking new job opportunities. Therefore, is it time you started looking for a new career?

Could you do the job in your sleep?


If the role you are doing has become increasingly easy, or rather no longer a challenge, it might be worth considering looking for a new role – after all most of our waking week is spend working.

Lack of career progression


As simple as it sounds, if your current employer or role has little to no career progression, then it is a good sign that you should be looking for a change.

Don’t settle


Ok, so you know when the best time to speak to Steve in accounts is, or how long it will take you to write that project brief, you also know what to expect (and how to handle it) when an issue arises however, don’t let a sense being comfortable stop you from taking the next career step.

While there are many benefits to a work environment you know inside and out, could this be clouding your judgement when it comes looking at the bigger picture. Take a step back and evaluate yourself and your role away from the niceties you’re used to.

Do you dread Monday?


If the last thought on a Sunday evening is wondering what fresh hell waits for you at 9am, then it’s time to look for greener pastures. While work should pay the bills, you need to do something that doesn’t make you want to hit snooze on your alarm or pray for traffic on your morning commute.

Are you unproductive?


Being unproductive or boredom is a major sign that it’s time for a change, especially when it interferes with work. If you find yourself stringing out simple tasks or being easily distracted, then a career change is probably a good idea.

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