Interview etiquette

Our top 5 Interview etiquette tips

Congratulations, you’ve got an employer’s attention, but now it is time for your interview.

Below are some of our top tips to ensuring you are ready for your interview.

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Research is key. Make sure you look into the company you are about to interview with, understand their role in the marketplace, their values and what your role would help them do. The chances are that they will ask ‘why do you want to work for our company’ therefore, knowing what they stand for it essential.

Make notes

Similar to the above, make and bring notes to your interview if necessary. While you may not need to refer to them, if you do it will show that you have taken your time to research the company.

Sell yourself

As with your CV, make sure you sell yourself. Explain how your skills can translate into the role you are applying for.

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Speak slowly

When you get nervous, it can be easy to rush through things. So, try and make a conscious effort to slow your speech down so it is clear for your interviewer to hear and remember to breathe.

Be punctual and polite
Better to be three hours too soon than a minute too late – William Shakespeare.

Ensure you arrive on time for any interview, whether than be virtual or in person, as showing up late can give your potential employer a bad impression. Don’t forget to be polite as well. Ask how the interviewer is doing, make a little bit of small talk to break the ice.

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