In the polls - September

Here is a wrap up of our latest poll results:

Q: Is it essential to have a degree in your field in order to successfully carry out your role?

A: Yes - 23%

B: Depends on the industry - 14%

C: Experience is better - 36%

D: Not necessary - 27%

Q: What is your preferred WFH/office split?

A: Fully office based - 3%

B: 1/2 day working from home - 19%

C: 3/4 working from home - 31%

D: Fully WFH- 47%

Q:How much of a priority is your career in terms of progression?

A: Progression is most important - 57%

B: Happy at my current level - 11%

C: Unsure of the next step - 16%

D: Being valued over promotions - 16%