HR Influencers

The lastest must follow, social trend.

From the OG fashion influencers, to the FinFluencers sharing their finance tips, in comes the most unexpected influencer genre of them all: HR influencers.

We know what you’re thinking: how would that work? HR influencers aren’t you’re typical HR people but rather they share content that pops the lid on all things work related; saying the things you are all thinking. From how to approach the things you want to say in the workplace (by giving it a corporate twist), discussing the unwritten rules of the workplace or simply how to handle work situations without getting into a fluster, these influencers have it covered.

Here are our a few of our favourites for you to follow:

When’s Happy Hour?

IG: whenshappyhr

Followers: 473k


A brilliant mix of all things all employees think when it comes to the workplace. This account create comical content that shares what is it like to be a worker in 2022.


IG: loewhaley

Followers: 1.2M


Laura’s insightful take on how to make the most of your emails and help you elevate your responses. She also creates content every office work can relate to. From that dreaded ‘if everyone can put their camera on that would be great’ moment to how we all feel when someone emails us at 9:01 on a Monday.

Main image courtesy of Unsplash