How to rephrase the questions and comments you want to say

Professionally cut to the chase

Sometimes you just want to cut to the chase. But when it comes to work, it can be hard to say what you mean without coming across too blunt. But we have you covered!

Do you expect me to work more for the same money?

Given my increased task load, which is outside of my current job specification, it would be great to schedule some time to discuss how I can be fairly compensated for this.

That’s not my responsibility!

Thank you for including me in this discussion. Previously this sat with xxx however, while I am happy to assist with this, it would be great to discuss what the priorities are with my current workload to accommodate this.

You’re given me too much to do in the time I have.

I am currently at capacity with my workload and to ensure all deadline are met, can we catch up on my other tasks to discuss the urgency before I am given additional work.

Why has this been sent through at the end of the day as urgent?

As my working day concludes at xxx, I will be picking this up first thing tomorrow.

Why have I been invited to this meeting?

Thank you for the invite however, I don’t believe that my contributions are necessary for this discussion however, if you get to a point in which you think my input would be of value, please do dial me in.

I told you this already, didn’t you read my email?

I believe I covered this information on my previous email however, if you require any specific clarity do let me know.