Heart, Head and Wallet

To determine whether the role we are employed to do is worth it, it is best to establish if it satisfies you heart, head and wallet?

It’s estimated what the average person will spend 90,000 hours working over the course of their lifetime, with most full-time workers spending 40 hours a week at their desk. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that when asked to describe ourselves, most individuals automatically, after giving their name, define themselves by their job profession; it is part of who we are and, in most cases, the best way of explaining who we are.

But is the job you are doing the best fit for you? To determine whether the role we are employed to do is worth it, it is best to establish if it satisfies any, if all three key criteria points: head, heart and wallet.



Does the job make sense?

Think about that. Does the role you are employed to do make sense to you, or rather do you understand what is required? If you have spent years in Marketing and take a role in Finance, do you have the skills to complete the tasks required? In essence, stick to what you know.



Does the job make you feel good?

You should be passionate about the role and the tasks laid out in front of you. Is the role in an industry that is close to your heart or one you find fascinating? Does it make working feel like fun, are you excited to log on for the day, or constantly clock watching?



Does the job salary make it worth it?

Ultimately wallet is both the least and most important factor. While you shouldn’t do a job purely for the paycheck, sometimes it’s a means to ensuring you are able to do the things you enjoy outside of work and cover paying those annoying bills.

However, if the Head and Heart are satisfied, sometimes it is best that the wallet doesn’t come into play. While the saying money makes the world go round can often be heard, many individuals take a pay cut to invest their time in a career they enjoy after all choose a job you love,and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Images courtesy of Unsplash