Have you heard of the Microbiota Vault?

Saving humanity, one microbiota at a time

Located in Norway’s archipelago Svalbard, the Microbiota Vault is a described by the organisation as a vault for humanity in which the vault is described as a Global non-profit initiative to conserve long-term health for humanity.

The main aim of the vault is to preserve the biodiversity of the world. With our every growing population, we are seeing environmental changes in our world, many of which are caused by humans. From urbanisation, de-forestation and natural disasters, we are unfortunately losing more of our world than we would like. Which is where the vault comes into play.

Since the vault contains a vast seed bank, should the world face catastrophic destruction, the vault would help repopulate the world with critic plants populations. The vault in essences helps protect human-associated microbiota.

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Images courtesy of Unsplash