Diversity hiring is important to us

Ensuring diversity when hiring is paramount to This is FARM. But what is Diversity Hiring and why is it important?

What is diversity hiring?

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Diversity Hiring is a practice we believe should be automatically ingrained to every talent search across the globe. However, sadly this isn’t the case. Diversity hiring is the process of hiring someone without being influenced by social or personal factors that individual possesses. It is about hiring based on merit.

In instances where these social or personal factors are considered, Diversity Hiring works to make a conscious effort to hire individuals that are part of BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) or make up a low percentage of the industry, with the goal being to work towards a more equilibrium society. For example, making a conscious effort to hire more female software engineers.

FARM never judges a book by its cover

At FARM, we strongly believe that we must work harder to give equal opportunity to everyone, that no one person is better than the other outside of their skillset.

We believe that the most important thing when it comes to great talent, is finding individuals whose work ethic and skills align with the role over anything else. We don’t let age, gender, sexual orientation or religion, sway any decisions when putting Talent forward to our customers.

We want to make the world of Technology more inclusive for everyone which is why we choose applications based on skillset and knowledge.

To achieve this, we use A.I tools to search our database of applicants to pull profiles that match the abilities required. We then get to know you better as an induvial from this point.

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We also compile ‘blind’ CV portfolios for our clients that highlight applicants for their abilities and experience to give a more equal selection process.

One day we hope that Diversity Hiring will no longer be needed for everyone will hire based on merit. However, until then, FARM will continue to make sure all individuals are given equal opportunity when it comes to their application.

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