Different types of colleagues

So, you’re back in the office interacting with lots of different people.

Zone-out Zoe

Zoe is the type of person that just gets stuff done. She puts her headphones in and blocks out everyone around her and taps away at her keyboard. However, if you want her attention, you have speak loudly or give her a gentle tap on the shoulder.

Pro: She gets stuff done and is very productive

Con: It can be hard for her to engage with others

Shouty Steve

Steve is a great guy, but he operates at a louder volume than most. Whether he is on a call or running numbers to himself, most likely you can hear wherever he is.

Pro: Steve type workers are normally bubbly and approachable

Con: Sometimes the high volume can be distracting

Routine Ricky

Ricky is the type of worker who flourishes with constants. From organised meetings to job security, Ricky enjoys to receptive and predictability of his job. While he lives for the routine, communication is key to ensure job satisfaction.

Pro: Routine tasks are a piece of cake

Con: Can struggle with change

Experienced Ellie

Ellie is the go-to colleague who can solve any mystery. She has been at the company as long as you know. She can untangle any problem, think of an innovative solution and knows exactly what table and query you need to pull that tricky client report. She is a fountain of knowledge!

Pro: Ellie loves to learn new skills

Con: When personal development to improve her career, skills isn’t offered she might look elsewhere

Friendly Felicity

Felicity enjoys work for the social interactions it bringing and sees her colleagues as extra branches on her big tree of friendships. She is talkative and easy to work with as she has other’s best interests at heart. She excels at social work events and uses others to not only support her but support them back, creating a social/work ecosystem.

Pro: Is a big team player and thrives with group work

Con: Can get upset when work tensions cause a fray in communication between her and her colleagues

High Achiever Harry

Harry likes to think he is the star of the show. He works fast and efficiently with very little errors. He always gives 110% at any tasks but likes to be recognised for it.

Pro: Puts his mind to everything

Con: Lack of praise can lead to low motivation and feeling of being under appreciated

Independent Ian

With Ian, you might not know what he is working on until he has finished it. Ian is a Lone Ranger and that is how he likes it. He finds that working with others causes unnecessary intervention and that he can handle the task by himself.

Pro: Works well independently

Con: Struggles to engage in group work

Scatty Sarah

Sarah is the Marmite colleague. Some days she is on the ball, smashing her to-do lists. Other days, she is constantly distracted. Sarah finds being managed frustrating and hates nothing more than micromanagement. But she is always calm under pressure and can handle deadlines as long as expectations are discussed.

Pro: Works by company values

Con: Work output can be sporadic

Images courtesy of Unsplash