Could we work in the metaverse?

Working in the Metaverse: another step for hybrid working?

The Metaverse is a collection of virtual worlds accessed by Virtual Reality or Virtual Augmentation in which gaming users socialise with one another through a series of connected, virtual worlds.

Originally designed for greater social connection between individuals around the world, could we soon have the ability to have our jobs located in the metaverse?

Not new news

In Neal Stephenson’s sci-fi novel Snow Crash, in which the metaverse was first coined, the concept of working in the metaverse isn’t new. In fact, the protagonist carries out his work solely within the metaverse. However, what would working in the metaverse mean in 2022?

Taking remote working to a new level

The metaverse could see virtual office spaces being created, thus allowing colleagues to interact in the office without leaving their home. It would also mean that distractions that stem from a normal office space could be limited, with multiple office spaces being created by team. What a virtual office in the metaverse could also offer is the ability to simultaneously access your remote messages without having to leave your current location.

One downside is that in order to access these spaces, employees would need VR equipment which could be a significant cost. There is also the question whether businesses would be ready for this way of working, with flexible working only being universally infantile.