Can talent acquisition help talent retention?

How hiring can help grow your internal talent pool

We all know that companies prefer to promote internally but what happens when you just don’t have the right person for the job in-house?

This is where it is crucial to hire the right person externally.

You want someone who can hit the grow running, someone who understands your business like the back of your hand. Someone who has experience with your industry.

However, with this there can be a level of short-term uncertainty: you know you want someone with a particular skill set, but you know how long it can sometimes take for a new employee to click with the company. From system training to understanding internal processes, these are all normal learning curves an employee faces.

There is also the issue that if you hire externally, that you might upset current employees who weren’t considered for the position.

But have you thought how talent acquisition can help with talent retention?

Two-way system

Much like the buddy system you are familiar with at primary school, consider pairing up a new employee with someone who wants to move up to that position who is already immersed at the company. Not just training within their account or department team.

By skill sharing, the new employee can share information with the current employee based on their experience. Then in turn the current employee can help the new employee understand the company culture and best practices from the inside.

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