Brain fog from Groundhog

We have all been there, but when work doesn't change what is the best thing to do?

Sometimes it can feel as though each day is just the same as before. That you are living a modern-day version of Groundhog Day. Of course, there is a sense of security in the known, but what happens when the known becomes more of struggle?

Contentment or complacency?

One thing to consider is whether or not you have crossed the line into complacency rather than simply being content. The best way to evaluate this is by asking yourself ‘does it make you happy?’ another idea is to see if what you are doing energises you.

Our minds often give up before our body, that we need regular simulation and sometimes a job we know like the back of our hands can go from being a comfort, to source of unfulfillment.

Personal development

Being able to grow individually within your role is a fundamental aspect that shouldn’t be forgotten.

The ability to look at your role and the ways in which you can development can really help raise the ceiling, especially if you feel like your head is about to break through with no place to go.

One thing to remember is that development isn’t always linear. Perhaps a change of department, or the change to learn a skill that you haven’t needed before, could be a really great way of giving yourself the change to improve and generate a new purpose within your role.

Re-evaluate what make you feel secure

Sometimes, change isn’t possible. Which can be hard when there isn’t fulfilment. But instead try to understand what the role enables you do. For example, if it allows you to log off and leave your work on the screen and not take it home, then that is a positive. Or if the team you work with are the nicest you have experienced.

Time for a change

If the above doesn’t scratch the surface, then maybe it is time to consider a change. Which is ok! We all need a circuit break every once in a while.